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2/14/2020 5:31:33 PM

Disconnect to Destiny 2 Servers Midgame (3 times in a row) - Lost of Vanguard Boons/Brightdust

I have played 3 strikes in a row and each time I have been disconnected halfway through saying that I cannot connect to Destiny servers. There is no problem with my internet (I checked it immediately after each disconnect to see). I tried restarting my router and still the issue happened. There is no other programs of heavy load running while I have been playing. I spent bright dust on 2 Vanguard Boons and used them in two of these strikes (which if you don't complete the activity it disappears and you get no gift) therefore I wasted lost bright dust now due to this. Is there a way to get my bright dust back and actually be able to complete a strike today?

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