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2/9/2020 9:56:48 PM

How to reduce inventory space and make master-working you armor worth it

So here is an idea i had on how to make master-working you gear worth it to everyone since the grid to do so on a full set of gear is a bit steep if you don't play often enough to get the mats to do so and also save a ton of space in our precious vaults and alts ( if your like me and use alt characters for the sole purpose of extra vault space lol ) Imagine if you were able to once you got a piece of gear master worked, keeping it the same price of materials to do so to keep the grind there for that, you were now able to, for a small fee of glimmer and shards, change the element on that gear. I see extreme benefit from this. Or if even, once master worked, it opened up a slot, in which you could apply a solar, arc, or void mod to change the element on that gear. 1) You now do not have to keep three sets of gear for the way you like to play to have arc, solar, and void. you can now just change it. This means you know can use all the mods on that one piece of god rolled armor you like. 2) Vault space freed up! since you don't need to have three sets of gear to have once of each element on it, if your like me and have three sets of at least 5 different sets of gear for the ways you play, you just gained 1/2 your vault back. and with the coming seasons, we are really running tight on space. Especially since for each season, you need to keep at least one set of gear so you can use the seasonal mod still. I think this would be a fantastic implementation on armor 2.0. Thoughts???

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