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1/27/2020 7:07:25 PM


Bungie fix the leviathan raid map glitches or better yet nerf world line zero. It’s has got out of hand. Nobody uses the underbelly anymore they just glitch out of the map and I know you guys know how it is being done. Also I whatever happened to team work in gauntlets one person shooting one arrow and another person shooting the other arrow. Spraying the arrows with a sub machine gun and cheesing it or what about our all time favorite cheese a death in the throne room. Rework this stuff make it better. It makes the raid so unenjoyable. It also has people saying “I can solo a plate in gauntlets meaning spraying the arrows. Furthermore the glitches in scourge make the raid so unenjoyable also you guys should be banning known net limiters. One phasing the first boss phase of scourge with one tank that’s ridiculous on pc. Fusion duplication of the balls on scourge to minimize bezurker kills. Fix your glitches please they are ruining the game for people!

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