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Thoughts on leaking unreleased music?

A recent trend in music has formed where leakers obtain yet-to-be-released singles from popular artists and then organize groupbuys to leak them. A groupbuy is typically a group on Discord, where the creator sets a goal of around $1000-$2000 for the fans of the artist to raise. Once the fans raise the money, the leaker then releases the song to the public. While I don’t partake in the groupbuys, I do listen to all of the leaks from all my favorite artists as soon as I see them posted. I enjoy all of the music I’m able to enjoy early as a result of these leaks, but I’ve also noticed it has lead to countless album delays throughout the entire industry. What are your thoughts on leaked music? Is it wrong of the fans to steal profits from the artist? Or is it -blam!- the music industry?

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