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1/13/2020 3:07:36 AM

Banner Fall map in Momentum Control Special Ammo Bug

I am receiving half the special ammo I should have on the Banner Fall map when playing Momentum Control. This seems to be specific to Banner Fall. The details. I was playing Momentum Control Jan 12 (Xbox One X) today with my Hunter. My loadout consists of Long Shadow Sniper as Primary, then Lord of Wolves Exotic shotgun and the Avalanche Heavy machine gun. My leg armour has a Special Ammo Scavenger mod, which allows me to get more special ammo from each brick. I played 4 matches with my hunter, one on Distant Shores, then Banner Fall, then Pacifica and then Banner Fall again. With this loadout, I always starts out with 2 rounds in my Sniper and 10 rounds in Lord of Wolves (2 shots) on all other maps. Each time I played Banner fall, I started out with half that ammo. Secondly, each time i pick up a brick of Special ammo, I always get 2 shots for my Sniper and 2 shots for my Shot Gun. On Banner Fall, both times I got half that amount. Is this a known bug and has anyone else noticed this?

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