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Editado por VorkTanamo Bay: 1/8/2020 4:49:06 AM

Help vault space by updating collections to allow us to set a default roll for 500 glimmer.

If they update collections to allow us to set our default roll on gear it will help with the vault space issue. [b]How it works[/b] 1. You get a good/GOD roll on a weapon. 2. You inspect the weapon and hover over the collections icon (does not exist yet, would be near infusion icon) 3. It asks you to pay 500 glimmer to make this roll the default collections roll 4. You pay 500 glimmer 5. Icon changes to indicate it is now the default roll in collections [b]Armor[/b] Armor could work this way too, but armor has its own problem introduced by elemental affinity. Currently you would need to collect 3 separate armor sets per character. That would be a problem because you would only be able to pick 1 roll/ 1 affinity to set as the default. Solution, remove affinity from armor.

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