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Editado por GeneralPleb: 12/28/2019 5:31:14 PM

[EDIT: I guess it's top tree Nightstalker. Ignore this lol.] Orpheus Rig isn't spawning orbs of light on tethered kills. Orpheus Rig bug?

On four separate trial runs now of the Shuro Chi fight as a bottom tree Nightstalker Hunter, with Orpheus Rig on, kills of any tethered enemies aren't spawning any orbs of light at all. I put my tether down just after the doors open and she casts her floor aoe, wait a second or so for the thrall to enter the tether, then start shooting. I can usually wipe out most of the thrall in that first wave if not all of them, and yet not a single orb has been dropping for me this morning. Is this happening to anyone else? When doing this before to fill out the Izanagi's Burden catalyst, orbs were dropping significantly enough that I could usually fill my super back up before the second wave. I find it odd that not one orb is popping up from slain tethered enemies.

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