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12/26/2019 11:58:51 AM

Destiny 2 Crashes randomly

I am experiencing random crashes and it's triggering. I've reinstalled everything, uninstalled many apps that i thought are causing a problem but nothing works, even underclocking gpu. Here is the crash_info file. stack: 00007FF665AD6F84 <unknown> 00007FF665AD4901 <unknown> 00007FF665AD71B1 <unknown> 00007FF665B0F0E3 <unknown> 00007FF665B0F1A4 <unknown> 00007FFD92A37BD4 <unknown> 00007FFD948ECED1 <unknown> session_id: Wed_12252019_172002_009180@x64@76561198047338511@65_15_2C_0A_CF_5C_3C84 version: d2_live tiger_final release pc_x64 80261. 19.12.13 1815 thread information: thread_name: unknown, thread_id: 00001cd4 halt: ### RUNTIME ERROR: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION at 00007FF666957B1A halt information: (<unknown>) crash: tried to read address FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF fatal error detected, current status was: init: init.txt version: d2_live tiger_final release pc_x64 80261. 19.12.13 1815 session_id: Wed_12252019_172002_009180@x64@76561198047338511@65_15_2C_0A_CF_5C_3C84 GPU Device: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 GPU VendorId: 4318 GPU DeviceId: 7041 GPU SubSysId: 855774306 GPU Revision: 161 silo_id: 1665943536981335040 signon_server_reported_content_version: 80182.80068-4 authority-over-current-bubble: false - map slice set 'HASH(0xab28899e)':5, activity slice set 40 authority-over-domain: false world_controller previous_state: activity:physics_join world_controller state: activity:in_world world_controller state_reason: unavailable environment_string: D2_ProdRetail:417 install type: 5 change-world: loaded city_tower_social_d2 game_instance: 000000007D58A939 game_is_playback: false activity_tier: activity-slice-set-index: 40 map-slice-set-index: 5 in-public-bubble: false AH active workspace: <no active workspace> activity_host_fireteam_is_connected: yes activity_host_last_fireteam_session_id: Wed_12252019_045031_171388@x64@game_svc_lp$@N07SH03SRV024 activity: city_tower_social_d2 system_milliseconds: time 14054410 timezone_seconds_offset_from_UTC: -3600 is_current_bubble_authority: false crash_folder_location: C:\Users\ALEKSA~1\AppData\Local\Temp\Destiny 2\crash_folder\pc_x64\crash_folder_9180_20191225_172804\ primary_bap_server_ip_address: primary_bap_server_port: 7500 world_controller state_status: activity:in_world (goal:002:activity:in_world) player_position_x: -3.767987 player_position_y: -2.624728 player_position_z: 16.671755 Any help is appreciated.

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