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Is twilight gap an enjoyable map for you?





(Disclaimer: this part is my opinion) I ask this because they added in a lot of boxes and other crap that ruined long range sight lines. B flag always promotes camping and can only be approached by three ways, two of which force you to jump in the air, exposing you to enemy fire for long periods of time. A and C are literally next to spawns which ensure that the entire match is going to be centered around taking B, which creates this big clog up the middle of the map of pulse rifles and recluses, while the artillery guns side do the map promotes shot aping. So basically it’s either use a shotgun/recluse get stomped every time. Personally I hate using shotguns because I find them to be unfair and just boring to use and I don’t feel like grinding through hours of sweaty comp to get recluse, which is filled to the brim with OEM dick heads, to get it. It’s not worth my time or my interest. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I don’t like being forced to use weapons I don’t like using just to be competitive on certain maps, it sucks all of the fun out of crucible for me and makes doing bounties and what not feel like a chore.

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