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12/16/2019 5:36:49 AM

Sundial activity dialogue points at Calus being dead

Just heard it again and can confirm. Osiris states he does not know what the Cabal intends to actually do. Possibly to revive their dead emperor. Took me a few seconds and my inner lore person going, "excuse me. Repeat that one more time." Theory time. I have long considered the ascendant plane and Darkness linked for the obvious reasons of enemy affiliation and furthermore that its power is unparalleled since the clue of "The Deep" is a biblical reference (Genesis 1-2) which is the original darkness before the light. Now... we know enough about the ascendant plane and its powers, but we do not know who calls upon its domain. For example... should the Fallen form an actual house of light? It will be met with speculation, questions, and for a long time the bond will exist to see if the Fallen fall back on the House of Rain jealousy behavior once they get near the Traveler. But they would be given that chance. One way or another, we would allow such a chance if only so small. So the ascendant plane is the realm/place. Calus has proven he has powerful sources there from the raid. IF it is true they are going there... and if it is true they are using the darkness in similar concepts like guardians? Wielding it to grow its domain? Then we have to consider the realm of possibility that bomb logic might not be enough for these kinds of fights. What do you all think?

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