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12/18/2019 6:51:43 PM

The store needs a serious rework

Who thought it would be a good idea to make it so that you had to buy the Undying medallion pin by the day of the new season starting? I get that you had to have earned the title in that time frame (which I did). But buying a physical item when some people may have only just earned the title right before the 10th should have been extended. I was able to order my MMXIX medallion [i]today[/i] and had until December 31st to get it despite earning it in [i]September[/i], yet a medallion that is tied to a title I earned [i]two weeks ago[/i] was not available after the season ended? Why is it that so many items are available for such a limited time with absolutely no restocking? Bungie, I want to give you my money. I want to buy a Destiny polo shirt. I want to buy collectible pins. I want to give ideas for products that would sell to people like me and others, yet you never give anyone an opportunity. I get the FOMO idea, but for physical items in the real world...not all of us have the money to spend right at any given time. Why not have items listed to be created on demand? Even if it takes a little bit longer to get, I can imagine most of us would happily wait to get some really cool stuff if more was available.

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