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12/15/2019 6:22:27 PM

More Key Binding Customization

This might sound nit-picky but I would really love to have more options for customizing key bindings. A couple examples I can think of are: 1) Separate key bindings for light/heavy attacks on swords and supers. Coming from xbox to pc, I am used to 'melee' being 'light attack' and 'fire' being 'heavy attack', so that is what I made my bindings for swords. However, this also changes the keys for dawnblade, making it so my 'melee' button triggers the sword throw, and my 'fire' button triggers either Icarus dash or phoenix dive, which is very counter-intuitive for me. 2) Air move cannot be bound to the same key as crouch/slide. I don't think these actions clash, as you can't crouch in the air, and you can't use an air move on the ground, so I would love to be able to bind both to the same key. These are just a couple examples, but I'm sure others might have similar wants.

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