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Editado por Hunt3rForce: 12/7/2019 12:50:37 AM

Black Armory, Izanami, Rekindle the Flames, Disappearing Weapon Frames

I had never completed the black armory stuff when it had released, simply hadn't played the game enough. I still possess the "rekindle the flames" quest and have been attempting to complete the key mold(not what this topic is about). For weapons like jotunn i need to craft 10 legendary frames, now that everything has been globally unlocked i wanted to push for a blast furnace, however every time I advanced the steps to a completed frame it disappeared. I initially figured it was simply gonna payout anyway with forge completion but this was not so. Recently thinking it was because of the "rekindle the flames" quest for the izanami forge, I decided to complete the steps, until "use the volundr forge to reignite" . When got to the marker on the map in the EDZ for "rekindle the flames" at the volundr forge it is impossible to launch the activity despite there being a mission prompt for it.

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