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Editado por JIntachi_: 12/6/2019 9:05:04 PM

RePurpose Failsafe pleeease

So i was questing on Nessus today and went to turn one in to Failsafe, after i was looking something up and was listening to some of her voice lines in the background and i realized... She's so depressing, and has been through so much and if it wasn't for her we really would've never been able to save Cayde and shes done so much more to help since. I just honestly think she deserves a repurpose, like put her into a jack body in the tower or something and have her be mission control where we can pick up certain bounties and manage/turn in others while we are in the tower, or maybe out of some crazy irony make her a ghost vendor where we can get different ghost shells every week and bounties for some sort of currency for them that way she can keep all her banter between her and ghost. Put her her at the window near the hangars idk im just thinking out loud. Shes just so depressing and i honestly think she could use a fresh new look on life.

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