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11/24/2019 6:18:51 AM

Celestial Nighthawk unused perks (Nerf/Buff????)

ok i know that most of you guys know how good this exotic helmet is for melting bosses, but how many of you guys actually use the other perks that this thing gives? it states: modifies golden gun to fire a single high-damage shot. Enemies eliminated by the shot explode and grant you super energy. ok first part is great but the second is pretty much useless. most of the time when you shoot with this on you are aiming only at large targets like bosses. i want to somewhat change this slightly so it can be more flexible with the other golden gun subclass because if your not running bottom tree with this then your not getting the most out of it. since the next season is all about solar, I think it is a good time that this exotic can get a little tweak i thought about this for a while so it doesn't lose its functionality in the bottom tree so here is what i came up with. New statement: Modifies golden gun to fire a combined high-damage shot (combines 3 bullets max into 1). Enemies eliminated by the shot explode and grant super energy (super energy granted and explosion size/strength is determined by the amount of health removed from final blow). with this you can make use of the exotic using top tree giving you a minimum of 2 shots because of the way top tree works (giving an extra shot on kill ( I say a max of 3 just in case)). in damage numbers top tree will give far less damage than bottom tree but will allow you to hit more targets such as annoying mini bosses or beefy majors or small add clearing. for those who thinks it will affect bottom tree, you should see no difference than in the past. i also wanted this to feel more rewarding to players who take out larger targets with a larger explosion or more super energy granted based off the final blow shot. for pvp player out there ill state that super energy granted will not allow you get you more than 40% of your super back because we all saw how overpowered the shards of galanor were in the past before it got nerfed. if you guys think this can be modified pls state your opinions about it. *off topic* i noticed that when i used this and got kills with the explosion the those kills don't count towards super energy gained. i don't know if this was a bug or only intended to gain super from the golden gun shot. explosion kills are still caused by the golden gun shot so a little confused on that. left it out of the modified statement on celestial nighthawk because it would probably be to strong for some add clearing.

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