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Editado por Sekuiya: 11/19/2019 4:37:52 PM

Ghost Items on Postmaster

In the spirit of the season, it seems my Postmaster is haunted and I have two ghost items on it. They seem to be "consumables" since I have that section of the Inventory full, it says it doesn't have enough space to claim them. If I press collect, I hear the collect sound but nothing happens and nothing new shows up in my inventory. This would be just a mildly inconvenient if it wasn't for the fact that these 2 items are in fact counting for the 21 max amount of the Postmaster, leaving me effectively with 2 less slots on it. Any suggestions on how to fix this are welcomed! EDIT: Should have searched more deeply, I've now found out this is not an isolated case and it seems Bungie is indeed aware of the problem. To anyone that stumbles upon this thread, here's the post where a Bungie person says they're investigating: [url][/url]

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