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11/18/2019 5:09:29 PM

[Bug] Collections > Emblems > Events tab has been glowing for weeks

I have grabbed every emblem from this tab on all characters, applied each to each character one by one and this tab has continued to "glow" for weeks, patch after patch. [url=]See attached image to see this tab on my account.[/url] This is FAR from game-breaking but figure you'd like to know, if not already. Happy to provide more info as desired @bungie. I'm guessing there is a hidden emblem in there that I perhaps unlocked yet cannot see (& hover over it with my cursor). If this is the case, I would think this should be fixed. From my POV, just like every other item in Collections a player does not have, all potential emblems in this tab should just be grayed out if a player does not have that emblem.

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