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11/18/2019 8:39:25 AM

Returning player problem

I have returned from season 2 to see a lot of changes to the game and it’s mechanics, I am starting to attune to all of it but I am finding myself not able to find a shaded I had and have one left of in my flair under tower, it’s called new monarchy diamonds, I am currently in possession of one and also all of my gear has it attached to every piece of it. I’m not able to reproduce them because the game has glitched and is not accounting for the shader being already accounted for. Can I please get help with this problem? I truly wanna keep my shader look and it took time to acquire that shader. I tried to see if I could go to new monarchy to grind for another one but “there aren’t factions anymore” That is so messed up. I would please like to ask for help. My PSN is ThaLimeLight With an THA not E Please help.

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