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Known as “Homeschool” to a few antiguos

Buff Top Tree Sentinel’s Neutral Game

Now before you angrily type “But Ward of Dawn is the best PVE support super in the game now the subclass tree is fine” Yes. I love what bungie did with Ward of Dawn and I love the fact that titans have a place in the Endgame now. But that’s why I said NEUTRAL game. As it is, all the perks in the subclass tree are basically “Punch. Punching lets you punch better and safer.” This is nice and all, but without One-Two punch or exotics these perks are relegated to be used for adds, and even then you can be overwhelmed easily. They’re also flawed, in a sense. You get an overshield, reload bonus and melee buff when killing an enemy with a charged melee, but the problem is those buffs go away when the overshield is broken, and that overshield is made of paper. I want Bungie to give this subclass tree some attention. The Super is fine, but the perks themselves need some buffs. The buffs that I would propose, but not necessarily require, would be thus: -Increase the health of Overshield granted by defensive strike for PvE -Defensive Strike’s Buffs do not disappear when the overshield is depleted, and have their own timer. -The Overshield Granted by Defensive Strike and defensive strike’s duration replenishes on kill (or Melee kill for balance) -Rallying Force and Turn the Tide are now combined into one perk. -New perk added in 3rd slot: Defensive stance; Standing your ground grants bonus damage resistance and increased health recovery. Increased damage resistance during barricade activation and barricades take less time to activate. OR Phalanx: Holding down the grenade button converts your grenade into a forward facing shield that protects you from damage from the front while only allowing the use of your primary weapon in hip-fire and preventing sprint. Increased damage resistance during barricade activation and barricades take less time to activate This would cement Code of the Defender as a defensive class. Making Defensive Strike similar to Devour would be a great change to the class and would not break it since Devour is a thing. Defensive Stance would further emphasize playing defensively, and wouldn’t break PvP because no one in their right mind would stand still for that long and make themselves an easy target for snipers. Phalanx would also be balanced as you would be still susceptible to explosives, and anti-barrier rounds. Of course, this is only my proposed solution and I’m no developer. I just want a sufficient buff for Code of the Defender’s neutral game.

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