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11/11/2019 3:12:40 PM


For those of you grinding to get this weapon, you all know the pain of this grind. This quest almost completely broke me. I was literally making progress on MOUNTAINTOP five times faster than i did with this gun. I finally got it, and now i'm going to let yall know if its worth it: The Archetype: Im gonna be honest, i never liked Black Scorpion. It was bouncy, unwieldy, and incredibly inaccurate even on PC. The ammo-efficiency was god-awful and so was the range. When i got Randy i expected it to handle generally the same way, but oh boy was i wrong. Randy is accurate, it's recoil is manageable and predictable, and it feels incredibly nice. The ammo reserves are totally awful still, so you better keep that in mind if you want to hold a lane with this. You CAN do it, but you will eventually run out of bullets. The Perks: I gotta be honest, i dont see the appeal of Rapid Hit / Kill Clip. I mean i know it's a good perk combo but i personally have had way more success using Snapshot and Zen Moment in PVP. Maybe it's because i used MIDA for the Randy quest, but this gun's ADS speed is way too slow for me without snapshot. Snapshot lets me instantly ready for an engagement even when the enemy jumps me unexpectedly, so i would highly recommend it. The Quirks: While i normally hate full-auto on scout rifles, Randy firing in full-auto somehow works to it's advantage. Randy is incredibly good at hitting fast-moving targets, even in midair, and it's also great for gunning down people running for cover. I have landed kills with Randy that i KNOW Mida would not have been able to pull off, such as snagging the final blow in a teamshooting situation or picking a high-mobility Hunter out of the sky. This gun is a damn FLAK cannon at times, and its just hilarious for that reason. The Strategy: Randy is incredibly effective in 1v1 situations. The high RPM and full-auto mean your opponent is almost totally unable to land headshots on you so long as you dont miss. While you would expect a scout like this to be best in a hyper-aggressive playstyle, it's also quite good at holding lanes. The ability to easily hit moving targets means you can completely block off an entire area and not let the opponent gain a single inch of ground. All in all, I think this gun was 100% worth the grind, with a caveat. Because i used MIDA to complete the quest instead of something like Jade Rabbit, i was already well-adjusted to its playstyle and quirks. For those of you grinding momentum with Jade, you may find this weapon very difficult to use. It's not the kind of gun you can just crouch in a corner with, you need to be strafing and avoiding your enemy's attacks while keeping the reticle on them at all times. I found that Jade is very unreliable when strafing in this manner. If you love being very fast and overwhelming people with flinch, this gun is definitely one you should get. It's like a modified MIDA with killclip.

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