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11/12/2019 7:46:02 AM

2 simple question about mida catalyst

i been looking around for a little bit, and i can't exactly get an exact answear im looking for. So from what i know, you need to have reached legend rank in competitive for it to drop, but i also been told its not garentied to drop, like most things, its random. so heres the question. Once you reached legend rank, do you need to stay legend for it to drop? like, can you fall back down to myhic and still get it to drop etc. Does it have to drop within the season of which you reached legend, or can there be a seasonal reset, and you still get it? been told a friend got it at 300 glory the next season after he had reached legend, but i just want a bit more comformaton on this (like if it sees you have the triumph that says u have reached legend once, and then lets it drop)

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