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11/10/2019 5:15:55 AM

$50 Ghost Shell - Make it an ornament please

I purchased the Ghost Shell and [u]I already knew what I was in for[/u]. But I still want to say that I disagree with it. I have a better shell from preordering Shadowkeep (perks wise). I got this shell to get it and to support charity, but [u]it would've had much more utility if it was an ornament.[/u] The perks are bad but the shell looks great, and I can appreciate that. Especially the heart in the center, that's very on-brand for the charity. But [u]I wish I had cause to actually use it.[/u] But since the parks aren't great I don't think I'll really be running it a lot. And when I think about it and look to the future, I'm also unsure of what it's longevity will be for D3. All I can say is when "Destiny 3" comes out, Bungie better figure out a way to let us take this over. I'm still bummed my favorite emotes and emblems from D1 didn't carry over to D2 (John Cena's "You can't see me," I'm looking at you), and those were cosmetics. This shell isn't even a cosmetic, it's an actual shell. It should've been an ornament for ghosts and function like ornaments do for armor. But since it's an actual item - not cosmetic - that means it won't be able to carry over I bet, and that just sucks. Something they COULD do is to make it so that the people that have the shell get an email code for the ornament if ghost shells ever get the ornament feature.

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