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Editado por Odin: 11/10/2019 2:46:46 PM

Vault space, Items that are not allowed to be put in our vault. Can this be changed?

I have lost count on how many items since D1 y1 that we have not been allowed to store in our vault. I wanted to put an Ascendant Shard in the vault to save it for when I want to use it later so it could free up some space in my inventory. There is no use for them this early in the game knowing the rolls in this game. There are too many items in this game for this not to be a thing with (all items) being allowed to be stored in our vault. Bungie, can you place change this and allow all items to be stored? The overflow with items in this game leaves people to dismantle things they don't want to and they shouldn't have to make room in the inventory. Edit: I brought this up besides not having that option but because we still have content yet to come like other events that will add a lot more items to the game. There is not enough space for the items in the postmaster either and deleting things like Phantasmal Fragments 1 at a time because we can't stack is really annoying and all it does is take up space in the postmaster. Things like Phantasmal Fragments shouldn't go to the postmaster, they should stack just like consumables because of the amount that we will acquire. The same thing with the candy, that should just go straight to the consumables yet they stack. Please think ahead Bungie when creating material and other items, meaning the space we need and stacking we need. They are simple solutions that could have been done a long time ago.

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