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Editado por Regarel: 11/9/2019 11:23:01 AM

Collections should record Curated Drops

I realized this after receiving the Braytech Werewolf, and would like to ask for opinions here. If you participated in the Festival of the Lost, you too have likely earned your Werewolf. I dismantled mine after a short while, because I wasn't very interested in Auto Rifles, however, after browsing my collection, I realized that I could retrieve it curated again. My question is this: Why aren't all curated weapons treated this way? I have also been playing a lot of Gambit and Gambit Prime, so I have a few of those curated weapons. Since I can't get randomized gear from the collections anyways, why not unlock the Curated version after you have found it? I wouldn't mind being able to pay 7 Enhancement Cores to get it back from the collections. It's not like I could get the random rolls anyways. If anything, the randomized weapon in collections should at LEAST show what perks can occur on the weapons. I'm unsure if this is the same as what shows with the seasonal LMG; Avalanche. On my collections, it shows a massive list of perks, link on imgur above.

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