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11/8/2019 8:00:34 AM

QoL suggestion: give us an option to view item icons without applied ornaments.

So, we got an updated inventory look recently. It's kind of nice to see ornaments as icons, but it's not always convenient. For example: if I apply my favorite ornament to 3+ chest armor pieces from different sets, they all look the same now. This leads to less visual feedback/more cursor hovering, especially when you have to check if you can infuse any of them with 'same set' armor piece for glimmer. While the easiest solution would be adding an 'item ornament display' option somewhere in the game ui settings, I think there's a more elegant way to improve this: [b]let players toggle off ornament display when 'Gear Stats' button is held down[/b]. This will provide instant visual feedback to the player, eliminating the problem of unnecessary hovering. And if we get armor elemental affinity preview at the same time, it would be even better. Now, I know that some guardians are happy with how ornament icons are displayed right now. I urge you to not be negative about this suggestion, as such ui [i]option[/i] won't change a thing for you, but might be a major time saver for other guardians.

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