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11/3/2019 1:23:05 AM

Petition for the Gilded Ghost to have Guiding Light

Honestly this ghost shell is gorgeous and I love it, I don't really want to take it off, and the people that donated for the kids to have a sense of pride wearing it and showing it off, the only problem is that it doesn't come with Guiding Light, so functionally it's worse then using the Lunar shell, as you'll constantly get 10% more Experience, along with everyones favourite perk Speed Demon, which is unfortunate because functionally it feels like it's punishing you to use the Gilded Shell. If it's too much trouble to implement it to current ghosts, then this should be the rare occasion that it can re-roll for a chance at the perfect combo anyone desires, whether it is Treasure Hunter or Various Scanners, hell why doesn't it have scanner for all of the activities to make it unique, Vanguard, Crucible and Gambit? That'd make this ghost feel genuinely exotic and worth it to the people I've spoken to about it. I feel that would be a nice change rather than requesting the absurd as much as I want it, like putting literally every perk on it, or a 15-20% Exp buff, but I digress. But please don't misunderstand, I'm happy to donate the $50 USD which was roughly $82 AUD, and did so the first day I could, and would have done so regardless, but the reward for doing so feels.. Not so stellar? And I know people who don't want to donate that much, unfortunately, just because of this one issue I hope this feedback gets traction as I know I'm not the only one with this concern, and thank you for your consideration if you happen to check it out @Cozmo or anyone else @Bungie.

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