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11/1/2019 8:30:55 PM

[Request] Moddable Ghost Shells

Hey all, First off, _i love the Nine Lives ghost shell_. It's my favorite ghost shell ever. So, i'm attached to this shell. But it doesn't have Guiding Light, making it pointless for me to equip it (yes, yes, it has alot of nifty options, but there's no exp buff). My suggestion is old but bears repeating: make ghost shells moddable. Please. With Bright Dust on top. People can cry about Armor 2.0 all they want but it works. Rarely do i need two mods of different affinity together. Personally, i'm okay with this because it requires us to use our brains (greater creativity needs restrictions). I think the same would be good for shells as it'll require less swapping of ghosts and will allow for more personalization. I'm a (black) cat person. I want the cat shell all the time. Cheers! 😊

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