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11/1/2019 5:31:57 AM

Cannot delete unwanted Clan Chat channels......

First off, forgive me if this has been asked and answered. I used the search function on the top right of the website but no results were found. I'm the founder of a clan and it's quite large. We moved all communication off to our own discord, because the notifications for the bungie app are terribly slow. So now I have all these extra channels, and I just want to delete them and their message logs. They are full of messages from like, a year ago. How do I do this? At one point, I vaguely remember the ability to create extra chat channels, but not I don't even see that. I just want all the extra channels gone, except for the one main channel that shows when people join the clan. Please help us to do this, and in the future, please provide better management tools for your clan leaders. Also, if you are a clan leader, upvote this comment if you think it is appropriate to raise awareness to this issue.

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