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Editado por xViperPG: 11/1/2019 12:34:00 AM

Looking for a clan? Precinct Gaming [PS4] [NA/EU] is always looking for new people (Discord is prefered)

Precinct Gaming is a PS4 clan, we are looking for new people to play with, Whether your new to destiny or an aged old veteran, you are always welcome to join We use discord for everything apart from voice chat, we use party chat for that. but discord is not required we will still reply in clan chat in the destiny app but more activity occures in the discord We have members with a wide range of experience, From brand new player all the way up to sherpa level. So if you want to join a clan that is willing to teach you all the raids, help with hard quests or gain your weekly pinnacle gear with raids, 980 NightFall or 980 Master Hunt. Any question about the clan or just want someone to game with then feel free to message me on PSN: xViperPG

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