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10/25/2019 6:42:56 PM

New Confused Player Seeking Help from Experienced Folks

Hello fellow players, New Destiny 2 player here. Had the game for free since the time it was given for free for a limited time on, but only started playing since this past Sunday. And, I'm slightly confused. Not to get into the intricacies of all the currencies, items in my inventory, and whatever else, my main question centers on the 900 level cap and how to get past it. I found it rather easy to get to 900 power (currently 903 power), but I presume that weapons and armor over level 900 won't drop anymore through regular play, right? What are the events and activities that allow me to go higher than 900? Any help is appreciated. Liking the game so far, tons to do. And, I haven't even touched PVP or the Gambit! Paulo

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