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Editado por Helveck: 10/26/2019 10:06:42 PM

I need your help! Destiny vs Flood Tattoo Competition?

So here I am, trying to raise money for this #Game2Give event that Bungie is putting on. I'm trying to raise $1000 in total, but because I'm not really much of a streamer, I've been having to spread [url=]my donation page[/url] through other social media avenues and groups of friends. But coming up at $280.00, and I've just about exhausted those areas. So now I need to find another way to rally people to the cause, or at least make it fun for people to get involved. I started a thread here a few days ago stating if we reached my goal of $1000 I would be giving one individual who donated and tuned into a stream a Bungie store t-shirt and some other small swag. It didn't really generate traction so now I'm willing to expand my rewards even further in addition to that. So, I could use everyone's help with some ideas on how to get people motivated to either visit [url=]my twitch page when I stream.[/url] Or to just donate directly to the page in exchange for something fun and or interesting to them. The idea I have right now is sort of taking from the book of Andy Bernard and dmg. I was thinking of getting a tattoo, but by way of contest. If people who wished to donate on behalf of The Flood and they replied to a thread or with their name also being seen as donating any amount on my page, I would get a Flood related Tattoo. If people donated on behalf of the overall Destiny community, I would get a Destiny related tattoo. So, would you guys want to have to "two sides" of competing? Or do you have any other creative ideas to help me? If so, please let me know and or share your ideas!

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