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10/23/2019 7:52:04 PM

A Couple Pressing Concerns.

I’m personally loving Shadowkeep, however I’m not stupid enough to believe that this is a perfect DLC. Some things need to be addressed, and I’m curious to see if other people would agree with me on this. Now then... Machine guns. I personally despise playing Crucible/Gambit, however I do play a lot of it, and have run into an incredibly high amount of machine guns. Hammerhead is the one I think should be specifically addressed, as it is somewhat out of control as of now. It may also have a connection to how heavy is handled in competitive, however I believe the problem lies on the guns as well. The course of action I would choose would be reducing the range, at least. Getting cross mapped and still getting flinched is not a fun experience, and I do hope something changes. Pinnacle gear. This is a hot topic right now, and I’m personally on the side of it being way too tedious for what it is. Is it reminiscent of the old “forever 29/31”? Yes, but instead of leveling up just armor, we are leveling up weapons and armor, on top of leaving other weapons behind at 950 if we get a drop at 951. It’s basically the typical soft cap grind, but even more difficult to advance. On top of that, would be the fact that 10 Light does next to nothing, especially when introducing the artifact system. I think it should be fixed. Transmog. This is much more of a want than a need, but I’ve been spoiled on the new ornament system already. Dismantled gear should turn into an ornament. It would allow for much more creativity, and encourage character building. It should be in. Anyways, there are plenty more but those are the more pressing concerns I can think of. Tell me your opinion or ideas.
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