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7/24/2019 6:10:23 AM

Shadow Title - Calus Dialogue not triggering

Recently, I became a Shadow. Eager to hear the praise, I rushed to Benedict in the Tower. Nothing. Confused, I head to the Tribute Hall and spoke to the Visage of Calus. Nothing. With one last try I went to the Pleasure Barge and spoke with Werner. Nothing. Disappointed, I resumed my duties, figuring that, unlike Drifter with his conversations about me becoming a Dredgen and later a Reckoner, Calus wouldn’t have a voice line, despite how little sense it would make. Today, I found out that Calus [i]indeed[/i] has a conversation when you become a Shadow ([url=]see link[/url]). From what I can gather, this is an issue many other Shadows have experienced. I’m pretty confused as to why this is. Things I think may be causing it: 1.) Tarrabah is required 2.) glitching and acquiring 80% discount early in addition to having a full Tribute Hall 3.) having all Season of Opulence items the badge requires on all 3 characters These are the only things I can think of. I don’t own Tarrabah, am missing a few pieces of armor on my other two characters, and am sitting around ~55% discount last I checked. However, I don’t think these [i]should[/i] cause the issue, as Drifter only cared about the title unlocking before he spoke with you. I am 100% certain I didn’t mash through the menu and skip the Visage of Calus’ dialogue. tl;dr is this a glitch or simply timegated?

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