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To Players Reporting CABBAGE and LETTUCE Errors, Please Read This Post (and Bungie please fix these errors!) (FINAL UPDATE ON THIS POST)

If you just wish to see my advice on how you might be able to get Bungie to look into a fix for Cabbage and Lettuce errors, please scroll to the bottom of the post. ---------- ABOUT CABBAGE & LETTUCE ERRORS ---------- If you have been experiencing Cabbage and Lettuce errors, chances are you've probably tried to adjust your modem in various ways to resolve the errors but noticed nothing has changed with these errors. Some of you probably experience these errors seemingly at random in activities (Tower, Patrol, Crucible, etc.). But some of you are also experiencing these errors in very specific areas of the game very frequently, if not all the time (you New Light players stuck at the jumpship part of the tutorial, for instance). Right now, Bungie sees this as a connection or firewall issue on your end. Lots of players experiencing these errors usually experience them in activities/areas with other players around (fireteam, random Patrol players, etc.). But as a lot of you know, these errors also happen while you are in an area by yourself and they're almost always after a load zone or when you load into an area from Orbit. When one of these errors is about to happen and you are in an activity and not in Orbit, you will notice that enemies and objects aren't loading into the area when they should. This is the clearest sign that you are about to experience one of these errors. Players with you who are not experiencing these errors will also notice nothing is loading. After you are kicked by the error, everything will load just fine for the others that are still in the area. Occasionally while this is happening, you may even desynchronize with the activity and players will see your name in areas you aren't at, but you will see them moving around just fine. Basically, if the game attempts to load/preload anything, it has a chance to trigger these errors. Sometimes for some of you and all the time for others. That seems to be the only trigger for Cabbage and Lettuce errors. In other words... It's most-likely a LOADING ERROR, not a CONNECTION ERROR. Some of the players I've talked to also believe they're caused by a loading error, and we all experience the same effects of these errors to base this conclusion on. ---------- MY ADVICE TO PLAYERS ---------- If you wish for Bungie to look into these errors some more, I'd advise going to other players' posts about Cabbage and Lettuce errors and upvoting them. As it is right now, there are trolls scrolling through the posts and downvoting each of them, leaving them at 0 votes usually. Bungie may be more likely to notice these posts if they are upvoted high enough. A lot of us want to fix these issues and if we're going to use the forums to let Bungie know, you need to help each other out. You can also use Reddit or YouTube to spread awareness of these issues with videos. Live captures will definitely help too. Let's try and get these New Light players past the tutorial and fix this game. ========== EDIT/UPDATE ========== Noticed a surprising amount of upvotes on this post, so I figured I should make an update real quick in case anyone is still checking here. Background maintenance is in progress right now as I'm typing up this edit. If you are still seeking my advice, I urge all players who are experiencing these errors to take a few days and try out the game after their background maintenance concludes and see if any of your problems have resolved. If you are still experiencing Cabbage or Lettuce errors in the same ways after a few days, check back in the Help forums and this post for any updates. I'll be sure to update the post with the results on my end and anything I can dig up over the next few days. Just be prepared and don't get your hopes up. If I made a game and it turned out it had a big loading error instead of some server stability issue, I'd say that would take a while to fix. Next edit to this post will be the last one though. It's already long enough, don't you agree? ========== FINAL EDIT/UPDATE ========== Alright, I did a bit more research. So, that background maintenance was apparently really rough to the servers as it was going on. The results of the maintenance seemed to have minor changes, but there's too much variety on what happened to completely cover here, so I'm gonna skip on some details. For some players out there, the maintenance had a positive effect, but it mostly just reduced the occurrences of other errors just a little bit. I haven't even seen any reports about the New Light tutorial messing up lately. Despite that, not a lot has changed. Reports about the Garden of Salvation raid having Cabbage and Lettuce in there are actually going up in number now, but that could be a coincidence at the moment. Weasel and Tapir error occurrences are starting to escalate a lot now. From the limited time I got to play the game before the reset though, I only had one error on the Moon during Patrol at Sorrow's Harbor. It looked like Cabbage or Lettuce was about to happen, but it said 'hang on, you are experiencing networking blah blah' and within 3 seconds, I loaded back in and everything seemed fine after that. That reconnected me awfully fast. I think something similar happened before Shadowkeep, but that one I'm pretty sure took a bit longer. That's all I got to say right now. This is as of now an old post, so if you're still experiencing issues (and you probably are if that's what got you to look at this post), you'll probably be better off making a new post. Keep it fresh, you know? Lastly, if Bungie has to release an update to fix these Cabbage and Lettuce errors, I want it to be called the Cabbage Patch. Had to say it.

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