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How to play Master Activities

1. KNOW THE MODIFIERS. Match Game is a common modifier on higher difficulties. Which means that you should have a loadout that allows you to counter whatever shields you come across. If you see an enemy with an elemental shield, use the weapon corresponding to it or your class abilities. Special weapons recommended until you hit 980 power. 2. USE THE ANTI-CHAMPION MODS. Those mods are there for a reason. Everyone in a Fireteam should have both required mods so one person isn't carrying the team against Champions. You'll need sustained fire for Barrier champions while you're below 980 power. 3. HELP YOUR TEAMMATES. Enemies are much beefier in Master activities due to level differences. Teammates should try to focus their fire on beefier enemies and should use abilities that can help their teammates survive. 4. PRIORITY TARGETS. In Nightmare Hunts, it is essential to kill the Nightmares that the bosses periodically spawn in order to get them into the damage phase. Furthermore, in Ordeals, sometimes bosses will summon Champions during the fight. Focus fire on these targets in order to allow your team to progress further against the bosses. 5. FIND COVER. It may be frustrating to hide in a corner, but it is worth it in the end for Nightmare Hunts. You don't need to get a high score. You just need to complete it to get that Pinnacle Gear. Finding cover will extend survivability.

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