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10/21/2019 8:57:09 PM

MAJOR Lag issues since update. Unplayable.

On PS4. Example of experience and some things I've tried. It is not exclusive to PVP, but I've played this most in the last week. - Vendors take time to respond and icon doesn't always render. - Sound drops out frequently on load and in-game - In PVP, countdown game mode, timers don't render or stutter and accompanying sound effects don't always play - Shots from opponents are heard late - Shots from my weapons play late - Shaxx voice line drop outs - General audio drop-outs - When killed, the leaderboard menu sometimes half renders, sometimes never renders names and stats, only boxes - The Director is sometimes slow to update - My movement isn't affected - Appears to affect all HUD, GUI and Audio. I've rebuilt the PS4 database, I've cleared cache. I've changed port forwarding, disabled port forwarding, swapped LAN ports and changed cables. Help

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