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Editado por Leo the Grey: 10/23/2019 6:12:57 AM

Why does this game still not have fireteam finder?

Bungie has officially announced that this game is an MMO, albeit an untraditional one. And now it's time to add things that have been norm in MMO games for over a decade. For one, why does this game still not have a Regional chat and a recruitment chat? And not only that, but why does this game have forced match making settings for Strikes and Raids? Why am I not able to turn off and on match making? If I want to solo low level Strikes or play with randoms in high level Strikes I should be able to. And to add on to that, why isn't there a party finder? It's a common mechanic to let people make parties and set rules for who can join and who can't, primarily a player's level. I shouldn't need to tab out of a game and go to it's forums to find people to play with.

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