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10/20/2019 10:24:46 PM

Lore Questions

1) There is a known nightmare weapon coming from the new dungeon. That probably means there is at least one new nightmare. Is there any hint who it is? Oryx? Valus Ta'aurc? Sepiks? Mindbender? Nokris? Ir Halak? Ir Anuk? Alak-Hul? Malok? Aksis? 2) Are Crota's children really attempting to revive Oryx? I know many people are speculating on that, but are they really? 3) If they are planning to revive Oryx, could Nokris be involved? We know he practices necromancing. Could he be teaching them? Or maybe just something they picked up along the way due to lack of leadership and no clear direction? 4) What is the fate of Nokris? Did he have an ascendant realm? He came out of a portal. Makes me think we haven't seen the last of him. 5) Could more pyramid ships be scattered throughout the system? It took us until now to find the one on the moon. For example, could one be on Io? Titan? Etc. 6) Are Xivu Arath and Savathun really working together? I know in the ascendant challenges, Toland hints to it. I thought all the siblings were fighting one another. 7) Is Taniks still alive? I know we fought a nightmare of him, but not him directly. 8) What is the Fanatic doing? Will he try and make new Scorn barons one day and claim revenge on us? I think it would be cool if Fikrul was going around reviving dead Fallen we've killed like Vosik, Siviks, Taniks, Skolas, etc. That'd be a mean army. 9) What is Eramis doing? With her failed attempt on getting SIVA in the old tower, will she continue to go after it? To me I think she will head to Nessus and we may have a DLC next year where Nessus turns into a Plaguelands type of thing. 10) Anything new with our buddy Uldren? 11) What's going on with the surviving conspirators against Calus? Umun'arath? Caiatl? Are they still loyal to the Red Legion? 12) Are the Vex working for the pyramid ships and the Darkness? The statue in the raid makes me think they are. 13) Can Dredgen Yor be revived? I know in lore entries Shin Malphur communicates with his ghost. If the Ghost is alive, can he be? 14) Last but not least, is anything new with Efrideet? I feel like D2, besides a small lore tab where she fought to retake the city, has done her no justice.
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