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Editado por WildSyde: 10/22/2019 3:24:34 PM

Stop putting all this time into creating eververse cosmetics and fix the damn game

D2 has been unstable as all hell since day 1 of release. There have been massive problems with people having the game crash, constantly being DCed from the servers, etc. These problems have persisted for 2 years now with seemingly no attempt from the devs to address or fix them. It gets rather old after the 5th time you've been put on cooldown for Gambit this week because your horrible P2P pvp combined with the still unaddressed instability drop you from about 1 out of every 3 matches. Learn from Ubisoft, instead of putting out more content that will inevitably cause even more problems, take a season to do your own version of R6: Siege's Operation Health and just spend time fixing the issues with the game instead of just piling more and more problems on top of existing problems. EDIT: To address all the fanboys saying “it’s not D2, it’s your crap internet”, no, no it’s not. If it was a problem with my internet, these problems would occur on other games... except they don’t. This is a problem EXCLUSIVE to D2 which means it’s not my internet, it’s the trash netcode and instability of the game. Same thing with the frequent CTDs, it’s a problem exclusive to D2. Massive amounts of other players have reported these issues so it’s hard to believe that all these people have bad internet.

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