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Destiny 2

Discusión sobre Destiny 2
10/21/2019 7:35:19 PM

Savathun/Xivu Arath Engraving?

This is kind of a long shot, as the Queen wouldn’t really give away her true form that easily. My guess is that this is a previous form of hers. Anyways... So, you know that “In the Deep” mission, where you have to run and grab the Cryptoglyph? Down in the Catacombs area, I mean. Well, in the very back there is a hallway leading to another room. Before you enter that room though, looking to the left you can see an engraving of a Hive God, like the ones on the Dreadnaught (although considerably smaller). It doesn’t have the shape of Oryx or Hashladûn. It could be a Crota engraving, but I don’t see that many similarities. I’ll probably look again when I get home. I know a stone engraving isn’t crazy news, but a form outside of the grimoire books would be a nice tidbit of info. I would post a picture of this, but again, I am not home as of now. Considering Oryx was engraved in the Dreadnaught in his Ascendant Form, this could also be one of the sisters in their Ascendant Form as well. I would advise checking this out before I post a photo, as it’ll probably be higher res than whatever I post from Imgur.

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