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10/21/2019 6:50:07 PM

Strikes | Everyone dead at end (No Reward)

*Ironically as frustrating it was. I still find it humorous how the game trolled me hard* Did a nightfall fought the boss and defeated it. Although the enemies at the end since we were low finished us off(I think one guy sacrificed his life tanking all the boss damage hahaha then died from the boss at the last split second rip). Thing is we are all dead unable to collect the loot... Respawn time is roughly 1 second less then the time it takes for the strike to end and return you to orbit. Now on normal circumstances I would not care about this as it is my first time experiencing this, but there happened to be an *Exotic* Engram which really sucks. My concern is that if someone dies at the end and the rest of the party trolls this person leaving them without loot. So they went through all that time just for nothing. I never experienced that but food for thought. Although even if what happened to me is rare it can easily be avoided. Is the implementations an auto revive after boss completion something that can be implemented? Even if it's rare it would easily act as a safety net or the implementation that at the end of the strike you auto pick up gear. I noticed with many events or missions the gear is auto looted upon opening the chest. For everyone being dead a quick fix to this is a temporary 5 to 10 second immortality upon defeating the boss this insures people need not worry about enemies that are going to disappear and they can focus on reviving their team as they have already completed the strike and the reward chest is spawning. Would this be something that could be implemented?

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