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10/18/2019 3:50:48 PM

A PS4 Clan looking for fun, chill, mature adults.

Hey guys! So what started out as an inside joke, has become very much a reality! Even though we're "Not a Clan Tho", depsite our name, we are very much a clan! ;) We're still pretty new, but that's why this is a such a great opportunity for anyone who wants a fresh start! We're an active ps4 clan, and we have a discord with a Destiny2 bot (it's super handy). It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or vet to D2, we love helping each other out in whatever activity--pve and pvp. We do it all. We don't kick people for being "inactive" (or basically as we like to call it.."having LIVES"). There aren't any penalties--unless you're a disrespectful D-bag to the rest of the Clan, then'll probably get kicked. We're a group of adults, so we'd prefer clanmates to be at LEAST 18 years or older; and everyone needs to be mature and respectful to each other (that's an obvious). We also have people from all around the world in our we've got people on almost around the clock! If this sounds like you're kind of thing, please either comment me on here or on psn (DoctorWhodDat219), OR check us out for yourselves! We'd seriously love to have you! All are welcome and accepted!
#clan #Clans #PS4

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