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18 days since release...and

I can't be the only one. The game has been out 18 days and there's so many people who are upset drops at 950+ are coming in at 1+. Let me say that again....18 days. This is the first time we've been able to go past a light level "cap" and y'all are loosing it because it's taking to long... Actually? *EDIT* I completely understand what everyone has been saying. It is a little much but having been playing since week two of destiny's whatever. It's really not bothering me and I'm sure it won't once I hit the grind everyone is dealing with. That has been this game since day 1. Get geared run everything, new dlc and all your work was pointless (but was it really?) Did you not have any fun along the way? I enjoy the gameplay, I enjoy the flow of it, the guns, everything is top notch. I'm much more focused on having fun this time around rather than doing everything on reset, switching characters and doing it again until done. Even IB this time around. Using different guns for the bounties got me out of the same setup I always use and guess what? I had more fun than I've had in awhile. I'm not going to hit 980 before the next season And I'm okay with that

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