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One More Time...

Made a topic last week, didn't get much response. I'll try one more time, and if nothing looks good then I guess the Good Lord is saying I don't belong in a clan! :) Here's the skinny: - Veteran [u]CASUAL[/u] player [u]MAYBE[/u] looking for a clan to join in for endgame stuff. - [u]Xbox One[/u] player in the [u]US Pacific Time Zone[/u] - Have never completed a raid, though not for lack of trying (PUGs are hard). Am committed to learning what I need to learn to successfully complete a(ny) raid. - Am a working professional, husband, father, and grad student. Can only truly commit to weekend playing if at all. Sometimes I get too busy on the weekends so I might not get to play. During the week is also pretty much out for the next year or so. - [u]Don’t want a lot of rules or conditions[/u]. This is a game, not a job. If your clan has stipulations such as "Must play X days a month..." or "Must be active so much on game/discord..." then forget it! - [u][b]MIGHT[/b][/u] join Discord. I really don’t have the time or the desire to mess with it but I'm recognizing that it's something almost everyone is using so I might have to get with the times. I'm pretty anti-social (i.e. not very talkative) so bear that in mind. - [b][u]Want to keep it casual[/u][/b]. Here to have fun!

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