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Iron Banner weapon ‘lore’

This is a fairly straight to the point post as a heads up. Most (if not all) of the Iron banner weapons are “forged in honor of [blank]”. The Hero’s Burden is forged in honor of lord Saladin, but it’s a void weapon. The only time we’ve seen Saladin in combat was a trailer for the siva DLC in D1, and he wasn’t seen using any specific subclass hat it he would most likely be considered solar, given his use of his flaming axe. That’s not as definitive as it could be so I’ll use Skorri as an example instead to better prove my view. Lady Skorri was one of the most renowned Sunsingers ever. Sunsingers were the warlock’s solar subclass in D1. The Wizened Rebuke, the fusion rifle that was forged in honor of Lady Skorri, but the fusion rifle is an Arc weapon. Wouldn’t it make more sense if the weapons matched the class of the lord they were made to honor? It’s a fairly minor detail but I still felt it addressable. I wasn’t sure what tag to post this under so I just put it in lore. Edit: a couple people stated that they felt the weapons would make more sense being a different element so the wielders could diversify, however these weapons were made to honor them, thus they were made to represent their passing, meaning they never would have used them (except for Saladin, so I’m assuming he’s retired). We don’t usually name a destroyer after an officer who is still alive, we name them after their passing.
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