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10/19/2019 10:35:32 AM

The real bad thing about armor 2.0 (no, it is not the element thing...)

There are a lot of complaints atm about the elemtal affinity of the armor 2.0, 'cause you cannot combine weapon perks as you like..... It is true, but honestly I can somehow live with that. The real bummer reg. armor 2.0 is a different aspect, that really gives me a hard time building an optimal set: the fact, that only a full ten of armor points leads to a better stat-level, e.g.: you finally have all the armor pieces with the elements you want, all pieces beyond 60, lots of intellect and recovery (or whatever you like), everything perfect, right? no…. cause your overall stats are like 49, 28, 59, 59, 68, 47... that means, that 50 points are just wasted… because 39 is as good as 30... it is an extreme example, but I wanna clear out the point… What does that mean? Well, it is not important, how many points an armor piece has, but how it sums up with all other pieces. An armor with 48 Points can be much better than one with 62, when it sums up to much smaller values on the last digit. And changing one piece can screw up your whole stats again. I tried around a lot, and it is nearly impossible, to get pieces that fit together to different loadouts for different applications (e.g. different focuses) without wasting a minimum of about 20 points.... there are so many variables and combinations, and you even have no possibility to save a loadout when you found a good one… Even masterworking stuff might completely destroy your stats, as it adds another 1 per perk to each armor piece and you can start over… and as mods always add a full 10, you have no possibility at all, to fill a stat up to the next ten to make it count… instead of switching everything around again…. So please Bungie, before getting rid of the elemt affinity, change the perk point system. Make the perks on the armor pieces one digit and sum it up to 10 instead of hundred or give opportunities to add 1-9 Points to an armor piece. Or make also not complete ten values count relatively, e.g. when Level 3 gives you 20% mobility and level 4 would give 25%, gimme 23% when my armor has 36 Points (don't nail me down on the numbers now, you know what I mean…) Otherwise, we will need a mathematic algorithm at some point of time, which can optimize the loadout based on all pieces you own and anticipate and simulate all possible outcomes in case of masterworking or exchanging an armor… that shopuld not be the preferred way imho...

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