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Editado por Evolution_XXi: 10/24/2019 3:04:26 PM

ΞχРυιSξ [Ξχ] Recruiting PvE PvP PS4 EU

Decent sized clan looking for some more active players now shadowkeep has come around. Looking for people that won’t lose interest at the moment. Discord isn’t a must as we mostly communicate through PSN but we do you use this and appreciate it if you do have this or will look to get it. Age preferably over 16+, lot of adults with potty mouths so need to be able to handle a little banter also. Mostly our PvP nights consist of competitive where we split into 3's, we also grind out Raids and anything PvE related. Age range does vary from teens to retirees and have male and female clan members. Would also like to add after a lot of replies and messages we mainly are a EU clan. We do have a few US members but I can’t promise time zones will match up as most do usually play on Eu timezones but we would welcome all regions. Weekends usually consist of private matches where we split teams arrange tournaments or other activities depending on numbers of people online at the time. We do have a solid active core who are usually on evenings and weekends and sometimes, depending on working schedule, weekdays as well. Please have a mic and get involved in the chat. If interested reply here or message myself on PSN Evolution_Xxi or discord EvolutionXXi #7310.

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