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Need Help Bungie Please Fix This! [Urgent]

Hey all, I love Destiny and have been playing since the original beta on ps4. Today I was playing some Destiny 2 on PC and played a game against a player I was confident was hacking. After that game played another game and got weasled out in the middle of the match, and got hit with a ban message. I don't know what's happened, if I'm honest I'm still fairly new to pc as a whole. I am extremely devastated about this, I have read Bungie don't dispute bans but this game has gotten me through so much I legitimently only play this game. I have been dealing with so many issues and this has honestly been the only staple in my life, the only distraction from the issues I have been having. I don't understand why I have been banned. I am just extremely devastated. I have helped many people in the community with pvp/pve, I even moderated for some channels on twitch within the destiny community. Destiny isn't just a game to me it's a hobby I play this game every week and dedicate time to it. Please undo this ban cause honestly I have no idea what to do without Destiny. I love the game. I am extremely passionate about the game, it's gotten me through many of my personal life issues and right now I'm dealing with a lot and this was helping me distract myself and now its just been taken away from me, all my hard work, my hobby and passion. Here's a link to my steam if you would to check all my stats you can feel free to do so. But if you could help me bring this article to Bungie's eyes I'd much appreciate this.

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