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10/18/2019 2:11:17 AM

Bungie here's a free wall

Please get this to the top. Bungie needs to see this. For the sake of titans identify and utility in PvP and PvE. I have proposed changes to our class abilities and it would cement our identity and let us help more on both sides of this glorious game. Rally Barricades: On activation gives a speed buff, the lower your Heath the faster the buff. Along with a proximity reload speed buff that's greater the closer you are too it. So that when standing in front of it. It is as it is now. The aura is for your teamates in PvE and PvP Towering Barricade: On activation gives a speed buff the lower your health the faster the buff. Gives increased handling and recovery increased by 2 in a proximity that's flat buff to all in the aura. Also as the Titan wall is damaged you get class ability in hopes of protecting your team and giving them a chance to heal up. -OCDuX

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