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Editado por DieselTheBrave: 10/17/2019 8:26:52 PM

Lucem Ultima (NA) [XBOX] //Seeking Raiders

Greetings from Lucem Ultima ([i]the Last Light[/i])! Our clan has humble roots to the beginning of our story in Destiny 1 defeating the likes of Atheon, Crota, and Oryx. As our story has taken us to reclaim our haunted moon, we are in search of new members to join together to take on the toughest enemies of humanity. The majority of the clan plays during typical evening hours, while I myself have to work during such times. It is on this that I’m reaching out to other Guardians who need a clan that can play at any hours. I would love to take on the threat of the Black Garden yet I’m unavailable to raid with the majority of our members! So if you’re keen on seeking greater glory and rewards, either experienced Day 1 veteran or a Shadowkeep-recruit, and want to be part of our clan-on-the-rise, leave a comment! We have a discord channel for our discussions and planning (and also channels for many other games). With all that said, Lucem Ultima looks forward to our fellow Guardians joining us in fighting the Darkness. -DieselTheBrave, leader of Lucem Ultima
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